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6 MYTHS associated with LASIK Treatment

Laser assisted non-invasive method for correction of eye effect i.e. LASIK receives much acclaim from those who undergo LASIK and get 20/20 vision or better. However, there are a number of notions and myths that surround LASIK and in turn, discourage people from getting their vision correction via one of the safest technique in modern medicine. We have busted six of the Myths associated with LASIK Treatment below.

LASIK Surgery is ‘Painful’-

When undergoing Lasik Laser Eye Surgery, the doctors will administer eye-numbing solution, moisturizing solution and antiseptic agent to prevent any type of pain or aftermaths. LASIK is a non-invasive method and it barely hurts a little as the only invasive method used in it is for cutting the corneal flap after which lasers take over.

Aged people can not get LASIK –

The best method for getting rid of any vision defect and eyeglasses is LASIK. It is ideal for anyone aged 18 to 70 years or above, thus, Aged people can get LASIK done too.

The Recovery process is long –

The maximum time is taken for a full recovery after LASIK is actually just a week. The corneal flap starts healing itself right after surgery whereas the vision is restored within a day.

LASIK is new, therefore, nobody is aware of its long-term effects –

The first LASIK surgery was performed in 1987 in North America. The technique has proven its caliber as even after 25 years, no casualty of patients going blind has been reported yet.

LASIK is not better than Contacts or Glasses.

Glasses and Contacts have its procedure of usage. It needs special care to wear and remove both contacts and glasses to prevent damage. However, LASIK has proven to provide 20/20 vision or better without the use of glasses and contacts.

LASIK cannot treat Astigmatism/Myopia/Hyperopia –

Vision defects are because of a slight difference in the shape of the eye or the incidence of light on the retina causing a number of vision defects. LASIK is known to treat any and all type of vision deficiency via short bursts of lasers.

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