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Difference between LASIK and PRK

PRK and LASIK are the two profound and acclaimed methods via which any vision defect is treated. Both the surgical methods are laser-assisted where the digital mapping of the eye is created before the surgery. During LASIK, the corneal flap is created whereas, during PRK, the upper layer or cornea is removed and discarded after which, Laser pulses are shot onto the affected areas. Both the methods alter the shape of the eye, therefore, treating Astigmatism, Hyperopia, and Myopia, etc. There are a number of aspects that are different for PRK and LASIK and there are plenty of myths, notions, misconception related with both of them. As both the methods are different, there are certain differences which are stated below.

Creation of Flap in LASIK and PRK

LASIK is a laser assisted surgery which is performed after creating a flap by cutting the corneal flap while PRK is also a laser assisted eye surgery where there is no need to create a flap in the corneal flap as a different approach is performed in order to treat the affected areas.

Risk of Infection

LASIK has a lower rate for infection whereas post PRK surgery, infections can occur that can cause haze or halos or sensitivity of light and more.

Recovery after the surgery

The recovery period after a LASIK is a week at maximum whereas it could take a good month for full recovery of the patient after getting PRK surgery.

Restoration of Vision

It often takes a maximum of a week to get 20/20 vision or more in LASIK however, it takes a longer duration to achieve 20/20 or 20/40 vision.

Widespread Eligibility

The selection of candidates for Lasik Laser Eye Surgery is concluded after taking his/her medical reports and history into consideration. Sometimes, many people are not eligible for LASIK due to one or other eligibility whereas, on the other hand, anyone can opt for PRK Surgery after consulting their ophthalmologist.

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