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Eye Infections Which Are Commonest Among the Lens Wearers

People ditch eyeglasses to a more socially accepted alternative i.e. Contact Lenses. The lenses can help restore a perfect vision even without wearing an actual spectacle; however, wearing contacts has its own cons too. There are a number of common infections that may be caused due to lenses.


This type of infection is often associated with contact lenses. There are three types of Keratitis that are Herpes Keratitis, Fungal Keratitis, and Bacterial Keratitis. To further elaborate, the Fungal Keratitis is caused due to a fungus called Fusarium. This fungus is found extensively in water, soil, and plants and can easily make its way to the contacts if not maintained and cleaned properly. Similarly, Bacterial Keratitis is caused due to bacteria which can cause hosts of issues such as eye discharges, lowered vision, etc. It also causes total blindness in extreme cases. Herpes Keratitis occurs due to Herpes Simplex Virus which usually penetrates the upper layer of the cornea; however, it causes severe infection if it penetrates deep inside the eye.

Corneal Ulcers

Similar to Keratitis, Corneal Ulcers are associated with lens wearers as it can occur due to dirty lenses. The infection occurs due to germs which penetrate in the vulnerable spots on the cornea where the germs can create corneal ulcers which are spread across different layers of the eye. The symptoms can be blurred vision, redness, pain, watering in the eye, and more. It would be best to contact the ophthalmologist after observing similar symptoms.

Clare –

It stands for Contact Lens-induced acute red eye; CLARE causes an adverse effect on the cornea and the conjunctiva. CLARE causes the upper eyelid to develop red bumps, itchiness and lens intolerance and other hosts of symptoms. For those who suffer from such type of symptoms, it is prescribed to avoid wearing lenses for the time being and if the redness or itchiness doesn’t subsidies, contact the physician for medical help.


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