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Know Everything About – Post LASIK Healing and Process

A common notion associated with LASIK is its success rate and how much it hurts, however, it is not completely true. LASIK is the most decorated non-invasive method invented in modern medicine. LASIK is non-invasive, easy, barely hurts a little, heals faster, and rectifies 20/20 vision or more. The Post-LASIK Healing and Process speeds up the healing process which is discussed below.

Pre-Operating Process

In the non-invasive Lasik Laser Eye Surgery, the most important aspect is the digital mapping of an eye. It is performed by LASIK Technicians before the operation began and takes more than time than the operation itself. During the process, a map of an eye is prepared to mark the affected region and the procedure to follow.

During Operation

LASIK Operations are quick and barely takes an hour to complete. While operating, the only physical part that is invasively cut is the corneal flap which is cut to reach the pupil. However, the flap isn’t cut fully as it is attached back after operating. During operating, an eye-numbing solution is applied along with a host of moisturizers that keep the eye moisturized. Then several short bursts of a laser are fired that corrects the vision and then the flap is reattached.

Post-LASIK Operation

The corneal flap starts healing naturally just within few hours after LASIK. The doctors prescribe the patient to keep eyes covered for a few days to protect it from debris or dust that can obstruct the healing procedure. Patients are provided with dos and don’ts as precautionary measure.

Full Recovery and Healing Process

Some patients are able to see with 20/20 vision in just a single day after LASIK; however, the duration is different for each patient. It rarely takes a week to fully recover and then you are set free to join work again. In just six months, the corneal flap becomes secured with tissues covering it as strong as it was originally.



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