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Vision Errors in your Eye and their Corrections

Suffering from some sort of Vision defect? People with some sort of refractive errors are often prescribed to undergo a number of procedures that helps curb different defects. Given is an explicit list of Errors in your eye and the corrections.


Myopia or near-sightedness in layman’s terms is a condition where the eye becomes longer i.e. the distance between from pupil to retina increases. The increase in distance obstructs light from reflecting on the Retina and thus, the light converges at a distance from the retina and therefore causes blurry vision for objects placed at a distant place. The near vision of the person is normal.

Myopia Correction

Myopia can be treated with a diverging or concave lens of required power i.e. focal length which makes the light to fall on the retina for a normal picture.


Dubbed as farsightedness in layman’s term, Hyperopia is a condition wherein the shape of eye i.e. from pupil to retina becomes shorter thus, the light passes the retina and converges at a point beyond retina, therefore resulting in vision which is normal distant objects but blurry nearby objects.

Hyperopia Corrections

A convex lens of required power can help correction Hyperopia.


Astigmatism is a refractive defect of the eye which causes distorted or blurry vision for both nearby and far objects. Astigmatism is caused when the shape of the eye is distorted from the shape of baseball to shape of a football. The irregularly-shaped cornea induces light not to focus on a single point which causes vision impairments.

Astigmatism Corrections

Ophthalmologist prescribes wearing an eyeglass with cylindrical lenses for its correction.


It is an age-related disorder. People aged 40 and above are often affected with Presbyopia. The lens of a human eye expands and contracts to see a clear picture, however, at one point; the lens loses its elasticity which causes Presbyopia which causes difficulty in focusing on near objects.

Presbyopia Corrections

The use of Bifocal lens that is both Convex and Concave lens can help curb Presbyopia.


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