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Aspheric Customized Lasik

Aspheric Lasik Laser Eye Surgery or Zyoptix Aspheric Lasik Surgery or CustomVue Lasik Surgery in Guwahati

Aspheric LASIK is the latest advancement in Lasik Laser Technology. In a very simple term, the new Aspheric Lasik Technology is specially designed to retain the original curved shape of the cornea. This is advancement over Standard Lasik Laser Eye Surgery & Customized Lasik Laser Surgery by delivering more clearer & sharp vision to patient with less glare and haloes at night.

Zyoptix Aspheric Lasik or CustomVueTM Lasik or Aspheric Lasik or OPD CATZ Aspheric Lasik are used are having similar treatment objective with minor difference because technology belongs to different companies, such as Basuch & Lomb, Nidek, Abbott Medical Optics ( Advanced Medical Optics)

OPD CATZ Lasik means Customised Aspheric Treatment Zone. This allows patients who have higher refractive number to have the benefit of Lasik Laser Surgery. It involves using the OPD CATZ Lasik to correct all the irregularities on the surface of the cornea. It is not suitable for everyone, as it removes about 15% more tissue then the tissue saving option. This can decrease the night time symptoms associated with the standard LASIK system by helping to maintain the natural curvature of the cornea. It has also been shown to increase contrast sensitivity.

Customised Wavefront is used for patients whose eyes have irregularities on the corneal surface that require individual removal and who will benefit from Aspheric Treatment. Therefore, OATZ (Optimised Aspheric Treatment Zone – Aspheric) means ‘not spherical/round’. Optimised Wavefront is for those with normal corneal surfaces but whose general shape of the eye is not optically round enough for perfect focusing. The Aspheric Lasik Surgery cost lowest in Guwahati at Rs 35,000 for both eyes and Advanced Aspheric Lasik Surgery having best treatment plan or number correction plan cost Rs 38,000 both eyes.

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