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SBK Lasik Surgery

SBK Lasik aims to preserve the integrity of cornea by creating a precise thin flap offering better safety & faster visual recovery to patients who are undergoing Lasik Surgery in Guwahati. Nowadays, a new kind of advanced surgery emerges which includes the best of the best attributes flap creation & number correction Technology. SBK Lasik is also called Thin Flap Lasik, as conventional LASIK create a flap thickness of 130 to 180 microns, while thin flap SBK Lasik offers thinner flaps of precise thickness of 90 to 110.

Over a period of 20 years, lots of advancements have taken place in Lasik Technology, from standard Lasik to Customized Lasik to Advanced Aspheric Lasik. In recent few years, better technology has been launched for making finest quality flap that is SBK Lasik & Femtosecond Laser for Blade Free Lasik which surely offers better outcome eliminating any complications. Thin flap Lasik offers better corneal strength after Lasik procedure because it create very thin flaps and leaving better ground for doing Lasik correction.

Based on affordability factor one who cannot pay for thin flap Lasik, conventional flap Lasik is recommended as treatment is same and only difference is thickness of flap. However, in some case where corneal thickness is not adequate then only thin flap lasik is recommended. SBK Lasik causes less dryness in the eyes and does not give rise to any kind of complications that are created by LASIK.

The cost of SBK Lasik (combination of Advanced Aspheric Lasik  & Thin Flap Lasik) cost lowest in Guwahati at Rs 40,000 for both eyes

sbk lasik surgery

Advantage of SBK Lasik Laser Surgery

  • Maintain Corneal Biomechanics, strength & stability
  • Faster visual recovery
  • Better quality of vision
  • Fewer complications, less glare, fewer halos
  • Less incidence of post-operative dry eye
  • Reduced loss of corneal sensitivity
  • Higher levels of myopia can under go Lasik
  • Thinner corneas now can under Lasik with SBK technology

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