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Customized Wavefront Lasik

Customized Lasik Surgery, C-Lasik, Zyoptix, Customvue Lasik Surgery in Guwahati

When people speak of Customized Lasik – it is referring to Wavefront Technology. Wavefront Lasik is revolution in the field of Refractive Vision Correction Surgery – giving patient highly customized vision correction than standard Lasik Laser Surgery. Through C-Lasik or C Lasik technology, Lasik Surgeon is able to reduce aberrations present the optical path and simply made vision more clear for LASIK surgery patients.

Wavefront Technology originally invented & used by NASA for the use in high-powered precision telescopes. Later on, with the incorporation of Wavefront technology to map the aberration present in eye, it has been used in LASIK vision correction since 2005. Customized Lasik or C-Lasik or Zyoptix Lasik or CustomVue Lasik vision correction is an innovation new procedure that incorporates wavefront technology to give a highly effective, personalized treatment plan for patients.

Customized Lasik or C-Lasik laser vision correction procedure starts with Rs 25,000 for both eyes; this procedure enables LASIK surgeon to further customize the conventional LASIK procedure to respective individual eyes. With this technology, patient seeing clearer and sharper than ever before & benefit in following way:

  • A greater probability of having 20/20 vision
  • Far better vision than contacts or glasses
  • Less incidence of glare and halos
  • More clear vision than the vision with standard Lasik procedure
  • Improve night vision

We only deals in helping Lasik Patients identifying & choosing Right Procedure for C-Lasik Laser Surgery in Guwahati at most Reasonable Rates with the unmatched expertise of Lasik Surgeon performing thousands of successful Lasik procedures.Our sole objective is to impart lucid information about Lasik Surgery and availing word’s best Lasik Technology at guaranteed lowest rates to Lasik patient.

Due to lack of awareness, the penetration of Lasik Laser Technology is very minimal in Guwahati, India. This site is a joint effort by leading Lasik Laser Surgeon to reach out maximum people who are wearing Glasses or Contact Lenses for choosing Lasik Laser Surgery by creating awareness online.

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