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What if I am unfit Lasik?

As the increase in demand of surgery for eye in Lasik, it is the eye correction surgery treatment; it has its own eligibility criteria, terms and condition of the people who want to get their eye corrected.  Before Lasik Surgery, it is very important to ensure that are you a right and fit candidate for the Lasik Laser Eye Surgery in Guwahati. The ample number of people is considered as the right candidate for Lasik, but some people don’t fit. They are unfit to get the surgeries of Lasik, and they do not meet the criteria. To get to know whether you are fit or unfit for the Lasik surgery, first you need to consult a doctor then take the comprehensive eye examination and answer their question. Later your doctor will examine and determine whether you are fit or unfit for the treatment.

Some of the eligibility criteria of Lasik eye correction treatment area are

  • Candidate must be above 18 years
  • They should have a stable glasses or contact lens prescription
  • Only if the visions are stable then only they will perform the eye correction treatment. Because sometimes doctors may also reject the patients who are younger than 20 years because of their unstable vision
  • If you are pregnant, you are unfit for the laser eye surgery.
  • Patients should be free from some of the common diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, glaucoma, cataract and any eye disease.
  • No history of herpes infection in the eyes
  • The patient cannot be a nurse
  • Patients with pupils that have been enlarged away from seven millimetres and irregular cornea shape are unfit for theLasik.

The patients who want to undergo LASIK eye correction should not have an eye disease before one year of the surgery. For the best candidates who are fit for Lasik surgery, it is the best way of designed to help and improve eye vision.

For more about Patient Criteria Check-list for LASIK Laser Eye Surgery in Guwahati, please read International guideline for Lasik surgery.

The Unfit cases of Lasik have following options to minimize the dependency on glasses

  • PRK Lasik Surgery
  • Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) Surgery
  • Keratoconus Treatment (C3R & INTACS)
  • Clear Lens Extraction

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