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About Eye Anatomy

For every human being eye is the most precious part of their body. It helps them to see the beautiful world and experience everything with their own eye. The fear of blindness of the disability of not seeing is something that is disturbing for every person. No one can take this ever in their life. The eyes help us in a lot many ways like you can make a difference between the shape, color and size of different things that are available in this world. Most important it connects your brain from the surrounding. It converts the rays of light into signals which gets send to the brain and then the brain transforms the signal into the visual message. The measurement of eye is around one inch in the diameter and it is placed safely in the protective cone shaped cavity that is in your skull. The eye consists of five major parts which helps in the process of vision. The cone shaped cavity is also known as orbit or socket which comprises of layers of fatty and soft tissues helping in the movement of your eye and also protecting it. Here are the important components of eye


The place of iris is behind the transparent cornea and this help to differentiate between the different eye colors of people, like you have blue, black and brown. In the iris the pupil is located at its center and the major job of iris is to control the size of pupil during the contraction and expansion process.


Cornea is also known as the window of the eye and it covers and protects the anterior chamber of your eye. The cornea is transparent and it helps you to focus when light enters into your eye. It comprises of layers of tissue which is five in number and the tear fluid supplies it with oxygen and nutrients. Epithelium is the outer layer of cornea and it protects your eye from the superficial injuries. It is made up of high regenerative cells. There are two layers in the middle which gives strength and structural stability to your eye and the inner most two layers helps to maintain the viewing clarity. The basic eye problem like the myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism are caused due to the problem in your cornea. But all these problems can be removed and overcome by going for the most advanced and safest Lasik Laser Eye Surgery in Jaipur. They have the most advanced technology at their centers and the surgeons are experienced one and the best thing about them is that they provide you the surgery at cheapest rate at Jaipur, India. So in case you are facing any such problem like astigmatism, sightedness and long sightedness you can go for the Lasik Laser Eye Surgery.



The lens is clear and transparent structure and is placed just behind the Iris. The main function of the lens is to focus on the near or the long vision and it also helps in changing the shape from thicker to thinner and thinner to thicker. But you lens gets less flexible after you attain the age of fort and you face the problem of presbyopia. Apart from this when you attain the age of forty the problem of cataract arise in your eyes which creates problem in clear vision.


The main function of the pupil is to control the entrance of light in the eye and is located in the center of the iris. The color of the pupil is black and it become red after absorbing the light due to the reflection from the retina. It expands the eye when you enter a dark place so that more light enters into your eye and the contracts in the brightness so that less light enters in your eyes.


It is placed at the back of the eye ball consisting of light sensitive tissue which has fine nerve tissue and also two kinds of light receptors that are lined inside the wall. The retina is color sensitive and absorbs black and white light due to a rod which is their in it. It basically act a film where the image gets transmitted to brain.

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