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Which Lasik Technology is best?

With the passing time the advancement in the LASIK surgery has reached to highest level of precision & accuracy. Today the procedure has become much safe, reliable & precise with lot of changes have been made to it. The improvement in the eye correction through surgery has become safe, efficient and with the outcome of positive result. A new laser known as Excimer Laser introduced in LASIK reshapes your corneal layer surface with great perfection.

When you visit the Pune, you will find a various centres offering different type of Lasik Technology, but you have select which one is best for you. There are various requirements and criteria’s that decides which LASIK surgery is best for you. The various things that are kept in mind are the level of vision problem that you are facing, the size of your pupil, the thickness of cornea and at last what is the final decision of the surgeon their experience and your budget. Now the most important thing that needs to be kept in mind when we go for the LASIK surgery is that how much experience is the surgeon because the final result of the surgery depends on his experience and the technology that is present in the market, whether it is FDA approved or not.

If you talk about the laser systems available in the market almost all of them are safe for use as they are approved by the FDA. But its final outcome depends on the laser beam and tracking system of the laser during your surgery. These are the list of laser beams approved by the FDA and available in the Pune market are

  • Flying Spot Scanning Lasers
  • Slit Scanning Lasers

The aberration or the irregularity in the optical system of the eye is detected with the help of device called as Customized Lasik or Wavefront Optimized Lasik maps. This helps to guide the laser at the spot or the slit scanning which helps to reshape your corneal surface and provide you with the clear and accurate vision. These Wavefront provides you vision in a very accurate and unique way to our patient. Both the methods of scanning mentioned above can be used for it.

Almost every FDA approved Lasik technology is available in Pune but along with the right cost of lasik surgery, the experience of the surgeon and the condition of the patient eyes plays a great role for the positive outcome.

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