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Contoura Vision Laser Eye Surgery Cost in Dehradun

Rs 32500 per eye Contoura Vision LASIK Surgery costs in Dehradun. Contoura Vision LASIK Surgery provides comprehensive details of the structure of the cornea, which plays quite important role in deriving the accurate and customized solution, unique to that unique eye condition. This highly personalized surgical procedure makes use of the latest topographer, which helps to measure the unique and characteristics of the eyes, which were not measurable previously. It is also called as Topography Guided LASIK Surgery, in Dehradun.

Contoura Vision LASIK Surgery costs in Dehradun

Contoura Vision LASIK Surgery costs in Dehradun

This Contoura Vision LASIK or Topography Guided LASIK Surgery is the latest technology approved by the FDA.

LASIK stands as the most effective and most popular surgery for vision correction by today. Many developments on this surgery technology have improved effectiveness and efficiency by bounds and leaps, recently. Topography Guided LASIK surgery procedure has literally created ripples in the LASIK industry because of its highly effective and unique capabilities. It empowered the abilities of the eye surgeons, by enabling them to perform customized laser surgery procedure with great precision, compared to the treatments before. According to the researches performed recently suggest that this ultra modern technique in this technology has revolutionized the procedure for quality vision improvement. Eventually, patients end with higher satisfaction levels with clear indication of its popularity and success.

Contoura Vision LASIK Surgery costs in Dehradun

Contoura Vision LASIK Surgery costs in Dehradun

Though traditional LASIK technologies have provided vision related information of the eyes, like cornea, Contoura LASIK Technology provides better and comprehensive information of the corneal structure. This corneal structure information stands as the key turning factor, as these details are highly personalized corneal details that help to derive affective surgical procedure. Topographers today can measure all the unique details and characteristics of the eyes, which were not measurable previously. The ophthalmologists can make use of these characteristics and details to develop a detailed vision profile for the patient and eventually very effective, customized and individualized surgery procedure.

The reports and studies also indicate clearly that these LASIK patients have experienced much better and improvement in vision, compared to the corrections of the vision through glasses or contact lenses. Undoubtedly, Contoura LASIK stands as the next major leap in personalized high technology for correction procedure for vision in the US. This FDA approved procedure is proven with beneficial effects for most of the patients.

Contoura Vision LASIK Surgery costs in Dehradun

Contoura Vision LASIK Surgery costs in Dehradun

Candidates for Contoura Vision LASIK – Topography-Guided LASIK Surgery

The most common and matching candidates for the Contoura Vision LASIK surgery procedure are the nearsighted eye patients, having with astigmatism or without. Though astigmatism sounds like a disease related to eye, it is not so. Astigmatism is a refractive error and similar to farsightedness or nearsightedness, with the problems associated with how light is focused on the retina. This condition, Astigmatism, lens or cornea deviate from the spherical curvature and focusing of the light on the retina is not done properly.

The irregularity or isshaped cornea results the blurred images or distorted image to certain degree to all distances. Usually, Astigmatism is also accompanied by eye strain or headache, especially, after intense visual tasks, like reading, for longer time period. Other quite common Astigmatism symptom is squinting. All these vision related troublesome problems can be treated effectively with the Contoura LASIK assistance.

To Do by the Patients

  • First the patients have to book an appointment to consult ophthalmologist or eye specialist for detailed exploration of the vision problems. It is important because the patterns of the Astigmatism are quite unique and varied from one patient to another patient.
  • Comprehensive eye inspection is performed by the eye specialists and unique pattern of the Astigmatism is confirmed for the patient.
  • After the eye inspection, the eyes assessment is also done to know the fitness of the patient for Topography Guided LASIK surgery, by the specialist after in detailed discussion of all possible pros and cons of the surgery.
  • Then highly specific and highly personalized Contoura LASIK treatment is designed according to the comprehensive vision report, very accurately for effective correction of the vision, for the patient.

Topography Guided LASIK Technology

The Topography Guided LASIK Technology is resulted from successful collaboration and association between Contoura Vision and Alcon Laboratories. The technology makes use of the Topolyzer Vario Diagnostic Device, combined with the software developed for proprietary treatment planning. The cornea ablation is performed with Allegretto Wave Eye-Q assistance or WaveLight EX500 Excimer Laser System. The best part is that Topography Guided Ablation procedure can deliver unsurpassed visual acuity, as per expert and well reputed ophthalmologists, compared to the advanced corneal ablations. The whole cornea gets reshaped to achieve the goal of improved quality vision with much improved efficiency, by the combination of the topographer and wave technology.


Contoura LASIK Diagnostic & Surgical Procedure

  • Extremely detailed patients eyes’ images are assessed in a thorough and comprehensive manner, in this custom treatment.
  • A detailed and comprehensive analysis of 22,000 unique points of elevation on the cornea would be performed.
  • The data resulted is processed with the help of the software called proprietary surgical planning software.
  • Then a highly and customized or individualized custom profile is generated for vision optimization.
  • Then the ophthalmologists perform the topography enabled surgical procedure.
  • This effective and efficient surgical procedure result in removal of very less tissue and less elevation points flattening task, because of the wave technology.
  • Finally the corneal is reshaped and equalized very accurately for improved vision.

Benefits of Contoura LASIK Eye Surgery

  • Contoura LASIK eye surgery is highly unique, painless and individualized and hence very effective in the improvement of vision.
  • The procedure relies highly on both the hardware technologies and software technologies and hence the surgical procedure is highly advanced.
  • The surgeon does not need to put more efforts in removal and reshaping of the corneal tissues.
  • All the unique aspects of the cornea and patterns of Astigmatism of the patients can be addressed efficiently and eventually side effects and risks are very well minimized.
  • The entire surgery gets completed in just 15 minutes and the patients feels discernible discomfort or very little pain.
  • The surgery, which is individualized and hence reduces various risks like halos, glare and sensitivity to light.

Effective Results and Care after the Surgery

  • Most of the patients have reported dramatic improvements in the visual acuity.
  • Recovery time is not the same and changes condition to condition of the eyes. Conditions with higher prescription of glasses need more time for recovery after the procedure.
  • The patient can get back to regular day to day works, if there are no side effects are experienced.

Side Effects

  • There may be a little or mild discomfort experienced during first few days, until eyes get healed.
  • Minor side effects, like red eyes and watery eyes are common for patients.
  • If the side effects are persistent, the patient has to contact the surgeon for medication.

Contoura Vision LASIK Surgery costs 42,000 INR in Dehradun with SBK Technology and the same Contoura Vision LASIK Surgery with 100% Blade-free Technology costs 65,000 INR.


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