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Lasik Myths Vs Facts

Lasik emerges to be the best method to correct refractive error and evolved to finest technology to deliver high safe, accurate and reliable outcome. It is used for the correction of myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism. The procedure is short and simple and while being computer controlled it is highly accurate. People are naturally influenced by facts and myths which affect their decision.  Among the people, there are some popular facts and myths which are surrounded and thus suppresses the opinion of the people about lasik surgery. Today Lasik eye surgery in Dehradun is the easiest way where you can cure your vision problem and can make yourself free from contact lens and glasses.

Myth-1 Lasik is painful and takes long recovering time.

One of the most popular and common myth is that the lasik surgery is painful but the fact is that you experience a very little pain after the surgery or almost no pain as an anesthetic drops are put in the eyes which make it numb.  Even the recovering time is very less as one can go for their work after the procedure without any difficulty.  The patients even feel and observe quick improvement in their vision post surgery and the vision improves entirely just after a day of the surgery.  So, you can return to the work just a day post surgery and  your worries are not worth it.

Myth-2 Lasik offers short term cure and is new to the world.

Peopleare haunted by the myth that it only offers a short term cure which is not true.  People have fear in their minds but they are unaware of the fact that research department has accepted that Lasik is the best treatment for short- sightedness, long- sightedness and astigmatism.  In the medical world, it has been proved that it is the best treatment available and has been successfully used for 20 years.  Millions of people have been cured from their diseases with the help of this surgery.

Myth-3 Astigmatism vision problem cannot be treated by Lasik.

Astigmatism can certainly be corrected with newer technology. A better quality of vision is provided with the help of the surgery.

Myth-4 Lasik causes night blindness.

Lasik surgery minimizes the risk of side effects and one can be sure of the fact that this surgery does not result in night blindness as it has now achieved a highest level of accuracy.

Myth 5- People of old age cannot undergo this surgery.

It is safe and does not effect people of any age. This is one such surgery which can be done on people of all ages.

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