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Bladeless Cataract Surgery

Bladeless Cataract Surgery Technology offers great advantage to automate the challenging part of traditional cataract surgery, under which earlier cataract surgery involves making several small incisions during the procedure using blade and all these incisions are made manually.


Blade less cataract surgery in dehradun

Using Femtosecond Bladeless Cataract Technology – The LenSx System by Alcon Lab, the expert surgeon has the great advantage to these incisions with great degree of precision, including the real-time image guided feature helping cataract surgeon in monitoring and conducting the procedure in the eye in following way:

  • Creating an anterior Capsulotomy by using LenSx System with 100% precision
  • Making the lens fragmentation easier & safe by breaking up of the cataract lens of the eye into smaller pieces
  • 100% bladeless incision using laser technology for entering inside the side for instrumentation & lens insertion.

The cataract procedure under Bladeless Cataract Surgery Technology last for 10 – 15 minutes on average depending on the type of cataract. For more call us at HELPLINE : + 91 – 8826134489, 8447314061

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