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What if I am unfit Lasik?

There has been made certain rules and criteria that people going for the surgery needs to fulfil. It is because the demand for the Lasik eye surgery has been increasing day by day. Almost of the people are considered fit for the surgery, but there are few of them who not match the condition and therefore are not allowed. You need to be physically fit in order to meet the criteria. But in order to know whether you meet the criteria or not you need to consult the doctor, they take your full eye examination and then tells you whether you can go for the Lasik treatment or not. The doctors take you for the full body checkup and then they give you the final result, whether you are fit for the surgery or not.

The Conditions that You Need to Fulfil In Order to go for the Lasik Laser Eye Surgery

  • Your age should not be less than eighteen
  • You should be a user of glass or the contact lenses
  • The condition of your vision should be stable because in case it is not the doctors may reject your case if you are less than twenty years of age.
  • Pregnant woman is not allowed for the surgery
  • Cataract, blood pressure, diabetes, glaucoma are some of the common disease that you should not be having in order to go for the treatment
  • You should have no complaints of previous herpes infection in your eyes
  • Your profession should not be that of nurse
  • The patients with the enlarged pupils of seven millimeters are also not allowed for the Lasik as they have irregular cornea

One more thing that you should stay fit with is that you should not be a patient of any eye problem in the previous one year and in case you fit all the terms and criteria you are the fit candidate for the surgery and it is one of the safest and quickest way to improve your eye vision.

In order to get detailed information about the patient’s criteria for the Lasik Eye Surgery Jaipur you can go through its international guidelines as well.

Other Options for the Unfit Candidates

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