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Am I a Lasik Candidate?

The most reliable, safe and effective method for removal of glasses and contact lenses is definitely the Lasik laser surgery. This technology changes the shape of cornea (Cornea is the clear that covers the front of the eye) forever that helps in removing glasses or contact lenses. The Lasik surgery improves the vision of human eye. You do not have to be dependent on contact lenses or glasses. The patients having problems like hyperopia, myopia or astigmatism may take help of the Lasik surgery. The problems creating these issues will be rectified by Lasik surgery. There are many options of Lasik centres to choose from. Candidates are required to accomplish the following criteria before going under a Lasik treatment.

Age: Minimum 18 years is required for a person to take appointment to undergo a Lasik surgery.

Patient’s health: The patient desiring to go through a Lasik surgery should not be going through any other medical treatment. The patients having collagen vascular disease or uncontrolled diabetes cannot have this surgery.

Eye problems: There are many eye problems like problems regarding with amblyopic or lazy eyes or strabismus or imbalance in eye muscles. There can be more type of problems in the patient’s eye like of recurrent or other residual problems. It may create healing problem during Lasik operation. Other than these things, a person should also be mentally prepared before going for the surgery. He should discuss his mental state with the doctors too.

Eye health checking: Patients really need to discuss with the doctors before going through a Lasik surgery. There can be problems like corneal problems, glaucoma, optic nerve disease or retinal problems. All the above facts are very important to be checked because Lasik surgery has an important role of corneal thickness. According to international standards, the minimum tissue to be accepted for RSB (residual stromal bed) that should remain after surgery is 250-μm. Few surgeons may have an approach that is more conservative. They prefer to have 300-μm RSB (residual stromal bed). Therefore, the whole responsibility is of the eye doctor to know these problems and suggesting the right choices for their patients about having this surgery or not. A person can also have an eye injury. It is also said that patients dealing with dry eyes should not go for a Lasik surgery.

Pregnant women, do not think about Lasik surgery: A pregnant woman should avoid looking for a Lasik surgery during the course of her pregnancy at least. It can have bad effects on the hormones. Be safe!

Vision’s stability: A patient is required to have a stable vision for at least one year before the surgery.

Consulting the doctor properly:  A proper and authentic consultation from an eye specialist is required. A good eye specialist will explain a patient briefly about the problems that a patient is suffering and the problems he might suffer in the future after having a Lasik surgery. A patient should also consult a doctor for the authentic place to have the surgery before finalising anything about the surgery. Today, Lasik in Jaipur is very common and best known as it has the best Lasik technology, reasonable rates and best expertise.

Therefore, from the points mentioned above, that it is must to consult a doctor properly before thinking to undergo laser Lasik surgery. After getting the approval and confirmation from the doctor, patient has to look for a company providing best treatment. It is obvious that Lasik surgery in Jaipur is best across India.

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