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Customized Wavefront Lasik

Customized Wavefront Lasik Surgery in Dehradun

It is generally refer to Wavefront Technology, while talking about customized LASIK surgery. This is a highly modified and revolutionary method of vision correction, compared to normal LASIK laser. C LASIK is a specialized method, availed by expert surgeons to reduce the deviations in optical lenses. This helps to make vision clearer.

Wavefront Technology is a modern laser technique for vision correction. This was invented and implemented by the experts of NASA. This was created for high power lenses. Gradually the same technology was adopted for LASIK surgery, from the year 2000. This offers proper treatment plan for Lasik or C-Lasik or Zyoptix Lasik or CustomVue Lasik, to ensure best vision correction.

Patients need to spend around Rs. 25,000 for both the eyes, for customized Lasik or C-Lasik laser operation. Doctors further implement LASIK technique for individual eye, for better results, in case of requirement. Patients get benefited with in several ways, through this system. Apart from better and sharper vision:

  • Patients are reported to have 20/20 vision, by availing this technology
  • Patients are likely to have clearer and better vision, compared to contact lenses or bulky glasses
  • Scopes of glare or halos are less in this treatment technique, compared to others
  • It gives clearer vision correction, compared to LASIK
  • This helps to improve the night vision as well

This website is dedicated to facilitate people in achieving better set of information for LASIK surgery. The expert professionals, associated with the web page are aimed to assist the patients to select the right and most suitable process for vision improvement. The main objective of our team is to bring in the most important information associated with LASIK surgery along with offering the most advanced technology of eye sight correction, at the most cost effective rate.

This online page is a joint effort of the renowned LASIK surgeons to avail the best facilities of LASIK. LASIK is less penetrated in the treatment scenario of the country and we are dedicated to bridge the gap in no time.

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