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Information before, during & after Lasik Surgery

Lasik is also referred as laser vision correction or laser eye surgery. In this kind of surgery the myopia (short-sightedness), hypermetropia (long-sightedness) and astigmatism (uneven curvature of the eye’s surface) problems related to eyes are cured. The Lasik surgery is done by an eye surgeon who uses the laser to reshape the cornea of the defected eye to enhance the vision. Lasik surgery is used to remove the contact lenses or eyeglasses permanently. Thus, some valuable information is required before, during and after Lasik surgery for patient.

Before Lasik surgery

Before Lasik surgery, it is necessary to consult to an eye doctor. The examination done by the doctor helps to find whether the person have risk factors regarding the surgery .If patient uses the contacts lenses then it is required to take lenses out and use glasses full-time before ten to fifteen days of the surgery. This information before Lasik surgery is essential to prevent harms during the lasik surgery. At the time of the initial test that is before Lasik surgery, it is very important to talk about past and present conditions of eyes. It is also necessary to talk about the medicines or any kind of allergic problems to the patient. There should need of avoiding all creams, perfumes, lotions and makeup on the day of surgery.

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During Lasik surgery

Lasik surgery takes time less than ten minutes, depends upon the situation of the defect in eyes to perform on single or both the eyes. During Lasik surgery, the laser apparatus sets to eyes in a satisfactory position, then the surgeons start the laser treatment. Both eyes will be cleaned thoroughly. Surgeon will place anesthetic drops in your eyes then a soft corneal suction ring is applied to the eye, holding the eye in place. Lasik Surgeon will use a highly precise computer controlled laser blade to cut a very thin tissue from your cornea. The surgeon will open the flap of eye and use the computer-controlled laser to shape the cornea.  It will take about few seconds to remove the defected part of the cornea. The Surgeon will then reposition the flap so that it can bond to the rest of your cornea. The best part is no need of any kind of stitches.

After Lasik surgery

After Lasik surgery, patient should carefully prevent the eyes from infection. As the operation completed patient feels irritation and burning sensation accustomed in eyes. The tears may out with excess water from the eyes sometimes. Thus rubbing the eyes should be avoided after Lasik surgery.

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Rubbing of eyes leads to feel of discomfort in certain situations. Hence this problem can be avoided by taking pain reliever tablet and antibiotic drops & artificial tear drops.

The symptoms After Lasik surgery are glare, light sensitivity, and reddened eyes. Following steps to prevent these symptoms are:

  • The activities such as walking, running all have to be carried out after few days from the day of operation.
  • A person should take the advice from his concerned doctor about the products such as body lotion, and all the creams to be used.
  • Usually person starts seeing without glasses immediate after the Lasik procedure. But in order to have complete stabilization & healing of cornea it would take around 6 months.

Thus Lasik Laser Surgery is safest, reliable & a perfect solution to permanent removal of Glasses and contact lenses.

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