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Follow Up after Lasik Surgery

Lasik laser surgery is the most effective eye treatments among all other modern techniques. It is used for correcting near and far vision problems. The most noticeable thing in this kind of treatment is that complete removal of glasses & contact lenses or spectacles. Lasik laser surgery process involves in creating a corneal flap by using a laser to reshape the inner surface of cornea of eyes. The Lasik Surgery reshapes the corneal tissue which needs to heal. The entire corneal tissues heal automatically taking approximately two to three days. Special care and attention should be given to the patient after this surgery due to the importance of healing the cornea after Lasik surgery. You can take benefits of this technique by consulting with the Lasik Laser Eye surgeon in Pune and cure all your problems related to vision.

Even people join their work after two to three days of the surgery. After first week of Lasik Surgery, patient can read books, watch TV or work on computer; but need to take care to avoid crowded or dusty places or splashing eyes with water in order to refrain any risk of getting bacterial infection. The swimming, gardening and other dusty works should be avoided for minimum eight weeks. For follow up, Lasik surgeons examine their patients, next day of procedure up to one week to one month interval.

The healing period and recovery

The corneal tissue heals very quickly and you may return to your normal routine work within two to three days. Your eye sight returns very quickly with a better vision without having glasses or contact lenses. The vision problems you have been suffering will disappear automatically after a short interval of time. After the Lasik surgery you will experience no pain due to non stitching process. But some irritation takes place which can be easily removed by putting eye drops given by the doctor. During this period you have to take care of yourself properly and should consult the doctor immediately if you find any type of vision problems. You can consult with Lasik in Delhi and undergo this eye treatment process and make yourself free from all type of risks related to Lasik Surgery.

Post surgery activities

The period after the Lasik surgery is called the post Lasik period in which full care and attention to the patient is required. You need to follow up the directions and prescription of your eye doctor such as:

  • In the first week the doctor will prescribe you with certain antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops. These are continued in the weeks following surgery.
  • Patients have to take rest and need to wear dark eyeglasses to protect their eyes from bright lights.
  • To reduce dry eyes you have to moisturise the eyes with preservative-free tears using prescription drops.
  • In some cases after the procedure a bandage contact lens is placed to increase the healing which is removed after 3–4 days.
  • You should consult with your eye doctor again and again after the surgery for the first three months.
  • After the healing has been done and your eye as well as your normal vision has been recovered then you can take appointment of the doctor annually.
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