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Cost of Lasik Surgery & Discount

The cost of the any Lasik surgery depends on the latest technology that is available in the Pune market. The most preferred one is today’s time is least customized Lasik or the higher one. The period of standard Lasik is almost out of date and a lot improved and newer technologies are introduced for the accurate outcomes.

The cost of Lasik surgery depends on the type of technology that one goes for. The traditional Lasik involves two steps of the reshaping of cornea and clear vision: 1) the creation of corneal flap which is folded back 2) submission of laser pulses which helps to remove the glass power by reshaping the middle surface of your cornea. The creation of Lasik flap is done with the help of mechanical instrument known as the microkeratome (handheld mechnical device for making flap using a blade technology) for the creation of flap. But the blade technology creates the flap that is a bit more thickly leaving lesser thickness for the removal of glass. So, new technology Intralase Blade Free Lasik is introduced which is a bit more costly but gives you a more accurate result by creation of precise corneal flap without any use of blade. The advantage of blade free Lasik is that is gives you improved thickness and even a number of correction can be done in it and the strength of your cornea also gets improved. Mostly the patient is advisable for the blade free Lasik technology.

Cost of Different Lasik Surgery at Centers

  • (Both eyes) Aspheric Customized Wavefront Lasik Surgery > Rs 33, 000
  • (Both eyes) SBK Thin Flap Advanced Aspheric Lasik Surgery > RS 45, 000
  • (Both eyes) 100% Blade Free Intralase Advanced Aspheric Lasik Surgery > Rs 75, 000
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