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Common Vision Problems

Vision is no doubt the most important part of all our senses and its dependency and the necessity is one of the main reasons why people always take extra care of it and special attention is given to it. Talking about the main purpose of the eye is to provide you clear vision all the time. The focus of light is controlled by retina of the eye and the cornea controls the focus of power. Then comes the lens whose main function is to control the light and the expansion and contraction of the eye so that you get a clear vision. We all pay attention to our eye and give it an extra care but apart from this you also need to consult your eye specialists time to time.

Understanding the instruction and the Treatment Clearly

The very common problems that arise in your eyes are measured by a device called dioptre. This explains the light bending properties of your vision system. The common vision problems that you face in your day to day life are presbyopia, cataract, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Mainly we go for glasses and lens for improving our vision problem. If you have the problem of near sightedness you are given a glass with the symbol of minus (-) and if you are facing the issue of long sightedness you are given the glass with the symbol of plus (+). When you go for the typical instruction or consultancy you are given three basic categories. The first degree represents nearsightedness or long-sightedness, the second degree identifies astigmatism and your last number or degree tells you about the axis and direction of the astigmatism. If your dioptres prescription is high then it identifies the higher degree of vision problem. So any of you facing the problem of refractive errors can directly contact our patient care department of Jaipur and they will clear you about the Lasik Surgery in Jaipur, procedure and the technology and the cost incurred.

Short Sightedness also known as Myopia: this is basically a condition in which you cannot see the objects far from you they appear blurred and the near objects can be seen clearly. This defect can be removed or corrected by the use of concave lens.  It helps the light rays to diverge before striking the lens of the eye.

Long Sightedness also known as Hyperopia: it is opposite of myopia, you can see the distant objects clearly while you face difficulty in seeing the near objects. It is corrected by the glass or the lens mentioned with the symbol of plus (+).

Astigmatism:  this is basically a condition where you can see few objects clearly while its other part appears blurred to you. This problem is caused due to irregular bend in your cornea. Cylindrical lens is used to correct it. For a long run surgery is more appropriate and it prevents the use of lens and glasses.

Cataract: this is a serious condition where your vision may be reduced to blindness because the lens turns opaque. The natural lens of your eyes gets clouded which produces clear and sharp images and is responsible for focusing of light. This problem mostly occurs in elder people. Surgery is the only solution of cataract. Phaco technology is used for the treatment of cataract in which a tip of instrument is in introduced in your eye and then high frequency wave are generated to break the cataract into pieces. And then they are sucked out in controlled manner through the same tip. After the entire cataract is cleaned a thin capsule is left behind. After one day of the surgery Intra Ocular Lens (IOL) is inserted in the capsule and the patient can see clearly thereafter.

If you face any such kind of problem have a check of the dioptre and consult it with your doctor.

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