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What is the LASIK laser Surgery?

LASIK laser surgery is an eye surgery for the removal of glasses and contact lenses or in short it is vision correction technique in which a laser blade is used to reshape the cornea of eye. Thus it is used for correcting a vast range of near and far sightedness and astigmatism too.
In this kind of surgery laser blade is used by a surgeon or a doctor to create a thin surface flap of cornea of eye. Then the laser operated through a computer used by surgeon, which has been pre-programmed with your exact details of defects of eyes, applies a quick & cool ultraviolet light that removes very small amount of tissue from the inner portion of the cornea of the eye. By this surgery the curvature of the cornea is corrected thus allowing images to be focused clearly on the retina. After the surgery flap is positioned back into its original place where it easily bonds back in place, usually in three to five minutes. The whole surgery process takes only takes 20 to 40 seconds. LASIK has been performed about nearly from 30 to 35 years.

How could I get to know that I am suitable for Lasik?

A large percentage of near vision, far vision, and astigmatic patients are potential candidates for LASIK. A person who is adult i.e. having age 18 years or more, have eyes which is free from retinal problems, scars in corneal and any other eye disease are suitable. You need to go through to an evaluation or examination, and consultation with the doctor after which you will be able to determine if you are a good candidate or not.

Those who wear glasses and contacts lenses right candidates for LASIK?

The patients who wear glasses are best candidates for LASIK laser process. Patients with near sightedness are enjoying good results after the LASIK laser surgery. We are able to treat degrees of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism too.

Am I too old to have LASIK laser surgery?

Although here is not any kind of “maximum age” or minimum age for LASIK laser vision correction surgery. We would first need to determine that the overall health of our eyes is good or not. As we know that this kind of process is used permanent removal of the glasses or contact lenses. Doctor will give you a prescription for a pain reliever after the LASIK laser surgery. A person should be more than 18 year for this kind of procedure

How much safe is LASIK laser treatment?

The FDA has approved LASIK as a safe and effective procedure. It should be taken in concern to remember that LASIK is not the right choice for all kind of defects of eyes. Some people are not right candidates, and if treated could have less than real and required results. It is important that you should go thorough pre-operative evaluation to some other LASIK centers to determine if LASIK is right for you or not.

What are the possible side effects of the LASIK laser procedure?

Early side effects of LASIK laser procedure are our eyes are sensitive to light and glare and patient some time feel foreign body sensation in the eye. Both PRK and LASIK laser surgery may be sometimes result in under correction or incomplete removal of the desired defects. Sometimes the correction of more myopia than intended, may also occur. A change in the clarity of the corneal tissues – termed corneal haze – can also occur in some patients of LASIK laser treatment.

How is LASIK laser surgery performed?

At the beginning of the LASIK laser treatment, a mild sedative is given to the patients and the eyes also anesthetized with special kind of eye-drops. LASIK surgery is then performed mainly in two steps. In the first, creation of the corneal flap in which a thin flap of tissue is removed from the front surface of the cornea of the eye & in the second step, the flap of tissue is positioned back and the laser gently reshapes the cornea of the eye. The flap is then folded back to its original position. This two-step process of LASIK laser surgery allows for quick removal of the glasses or contact lenses.

Does LASIK laser surgery hurt?

No. The actual LASIK treatment is painless. You will be given anesthetic eye-drops to completely relax the eye. You may feel a light pressure sensation around your eye after the LASIK procedure. But most people feels very little pain. Doctor will give you a prescription for a pain reliever but in most cases patients need nothing more than Tylenol or Advil and a little time for rest.

How long does LASIK laser surgery take?

The LASIK laser treatment usually takes less than one minute per eye but it also depends on type of defects in your eyes. You will be awake and feel comfortable during the LASIK laser procedure. One should come in center before an hour to two hours on the day of LASIK surgery.

How soon after the LASIK laser surgery patient will able to see?

Visual recovery time varies from one day to one week after the Lasik laser surgery. The majority of patients resume normal activities in just one to two days after the LASIK laser surgery but it may take more than one month usually for correct and clear vision which is fully stabilize. The one of the most exciting advantages of the LASIK laser procedure is the clear vision comes quickly. Initially, the vision may not be crisp and fluctuate too slightly. But it soon going to be perfectly normal and should improve gradually day by day after the LASIK laser surgery.

How long will my LASIK laser surgery results last?

The reshaping of the cornea is considered as a permanent change. We are just the biological creatures and cannot be certain that there will not be any kind of future changes in our eyes. It also depends on some other conditions affecting your vision of eye such as presbyopia (natural weakening of the focusing muscles of the eyes with age), glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts or other eye defects can still develop over time to time.

Can I got operated both the eyes at the same time?

Yes, this can be done due to the advanced techniques in the field of Laser surgery for Vision Correction. Patient can go for laser treatment in both eyes at the same time. But in some cases it is possible that the second eye may be done after one day to a few days or up to months after the first eye in case of some major defects. It should be discussed with your eye doctor clearly before the LASIK laser surgery.

Will I need reading glasses after the LASIK laser treatment?

Generally, after the LASIK laser surgery many of the patients got successfully removal of glasses. The patients below 40 years of age read well without glasses after this kind of treatment. But, Patients over forty years of age may need some minor glasses for reading newspaper. In the case of natural weakening of the focusing muscles that occurs in our early to mid 40s, causing us to need the glasses for reading. Here concern should be taken about that the LASIK laser treatment does not remove presbyopia or natural weakening of the focusing muscles of the eyes.

How many follow up or review visits do I need to make after the LASIK laser treatment?

In case of LASIK laser surgery, most patients are usually take the visits to the doctor three to five days interval following the treatment and then at least one month and up to three months after the treatment. Some patients require special visits in case of some major eye defects. For your information, our services are available 24 x 7 and when you have any kind of questions, concern or need attention related o LASIK laser process.

What is the success rate in case of LASIK laser surgery?

Internationally, 98 to 99 percent of LASIK laser surgery users successfully got removal of glasses and contact lenses permanently. Here vision correction treatments have success in achieving at least 20/40 vision without any correction. It means that these users are no longer need to wear glasses or contact lenses to pass a driving test or to perform most everyday works.

When can I get back my earlier normal routine?

It depends on what kind of Lasik surgery you opted for. If you are going for PRK surgery, you will be able to return to your normal routine within three to four days after the PRK surgery. If you have had the LASIK laser surgery procedure, you can go back to your work on the next day after the surgery. Some other Eye medications and precautions should be continued also after fifteen days to one month after the surgery as instructed by the doctor. But the face should not be placed under the water for at least five to seven days following LASIK surgery. Rubbing of the eyes during this period should also be avoided
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